13. He Can Only Kill You If You’re Okay - This ad really resonated with me because I know how much my parents care about me. Because I know all to well how it is to lose someone to a car accident. Because I know what it looks like to see a parent’s face when they realize their child didn’t make it.

Although the main characters in this commercial are teenagers this as was clearly aimed at the portion of car owners who are parents. At first it just seems like some young driver crashed his dad’s car due to his stupidity or recklessness but that’s besides the point. The fact is that despite all that, he is still alive to feel the emotion of regret. Even though I do not have any children, I know that if I did this ad would have definitely secured my trust in Volkswagen. Without actually saying so, at the end of the day it is not the car that matters but the well-being of your child and I really believe that VW got the point across.

In all of the VW ads I have seen over the years I never remember them forcing their product down my throat. The only thing that ever stays with me is how I felt, which was either safe, happy, or grateful, and the brand of the car. That is why I believe VW is one of the most profitable companies out there. It’s about the human experience and not the company’s.

Well done Volkswagen. Well done.