17. Forget March Madness this is May Maelstrom



  1. A powerful whirlpool in the sea or a river.
  2. A scene or state of confused and violent movement or upheaval.

 Dione von Furstenburg once said, “I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but I knew the woman I wanted to become.”  All my life I wanted to be this or that but I never could pin point the exact career path I wanted to walk down. It was not until I chatted with my professor, Deb Morrison that I realized… I still don’t know what exactly I want to do. Most would call that a failure but from my point of view, I see it as a breaking ground. Now that I have cleared the table and moved back to square one, I can have somewhat of a fresh start.

I bet you’re still wondering why I call it May Maelstrom, huh? Even though I have gained a somewhat clearer picture I still have all these things, ideas, and questions buzzing around in my head. I am still a little confused about  this whole state that I am in. HOWEVER, not to fret because I made a list. It consists of all the things that I want(ed) to be.

(Don’t worry, I’ll post a visual  here so y’all can see what I mean).

I then made a venn diagram (which will also be posted) of all the things these careers and jobs have in common. From there, I am now broadening my scope of jobs and finding more jobs that suit those commonalities.  This is probably get real messy and chaotic. Again, hence the name May Maelstrom. In essence, I am creating my own draft pick of careers that I could see myself working at.  I will find people that work in those positions, basically stalk their online portfolios, biographies, social networks and find out how they got to where they’re at. Hopefully, by the end of all this I will have narrowed it down to an actual tangible career instead of saying I want to be blah blah blah.

Here goes nothing something. Close your eyes, cross your fingers,  and pray to God this all works out.