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19. Why does this Facebook generated campaign work and others don’t?

You cannot just hand someone a product or a service that you think is really cool and expect it to grow like wildfire. If you do, you already made the first mistake. A lot of companies think that if they create a twitter, Facebook, or some sort of online presence that all the users will just automatically flock to them. Businesses that flourish in the social media world are doing more than just putting their product in cyber space for all to see, they are executing it in such a way that makes the public turn, watch, and tune in.

The reason why I believe this campaign for IKEA worked well with Facebook is because they are the ones who made the first move towards user interaction. Most ads that I see on Facebook are pretty boring and mundane so it takes a special thing to make me want to click on the link. In the case of IKEA, they created a profile that was personal and then used the photos from there to generate more frequency. The users that were on the IKEA page a lot of the  time then went out to spread it to their friends and family. If you have not found this out by now, people are more likely to listen to you, buy things, and trust you if they are close to you or believe you are coming from good intentions.

That is why this campaign worked, because Ikea gained trust and then let the people take over.