#20: Ten to Eleven

1. I am senior in college so that means that I have spent the greater part of my life in the education system, 

2. I am currently running on less than five hours of sleep.

3. My diet today consisted of carrots, granola, candy, pretzels and a peanut butter sandwich - basically all snack food.

4. It smells like Asian food in the hallway. Sadly none of that scent is coming from me

5. I know that I have to get up early in the morning

6. My computer is acting a fool.

7. I have to write a short essay for class tomorrow.

8. Writing papers while sleep deprived will eventually make you rewrite it later.

9. My bike has a flat.

10. I live on the other side of campus.

I could indeed go on for days talking about how terrrrrible my life is at the moment because it currently sucks. All I want to do is stay at home in the comfort of my own bedroom and fall asleep to my favorite movies. However, being that steps 1-10 plus a few unlisted one are blocking those short-term goals, I cannot. So it is with that I now stop my whining and look at the positive.

1. This final project is almost done.

2. I just yawned- which means I have air in my lungs

3. I have a home to walk to.

5. It’s my senior year for crying out loud!

6. My project partner is pretty dang amazing.

7. I can sleep this weekend. 

8. Four years later and my computer has not given up on me.

9. You are well aware that homework and school are not your life.

10. You are headed in the direction of your dreams.

11. God is amazing.

Stay positive. Live Well. Shut up and just go.