Grace makes life unfair.

The beauty of grace is that it makes life unfair. 

I'm trying to come to terms all the good that's happening to me. I'm trying to make sense of it because it honestly doesn't. It doesn't make sense that I would get hired to this new job with in a few weeks of actually searching. It doesn't make sense that all the things on my checklist for a new job would get ticked off. It doesn't make sense that I've been given the opportunity of a lifetime to do what I love in the vocation and city I love all while surrounding myself with some pretty great people and mentors and being able to learn all that that I can. It doesn't make sense but I'm finally beginning to realise it probably never will. 

As much as I try to wrap my head around it God simply tells me that there is no need because His grace is not to be explained away by cute little descriptions. It's not to be boxed up by even the most extravagant explanations that are poorly strung together by humans limitations. His grace He says has been. His grace is. His grace always will be. He says It's for Him to give as He sees necessary even in the smallest and/or undeserving moments that look unnecessary. 

As best as our intentions are lets not try to make it what it isn't - simple, explainable and conditional - and accept it for what it is - forever changing, always growing, received without merit, undeserving but still received, wondrous, intangibly tangible love. 

His grace! Oh His grace!  We will never be able explain our way around it. We will never be able to explain a reason for it but let us do the most we can and never be caught lacking in thanks and awe for what He freely and humbly gives away.