25. The Breakfast of Champions

Find out what you love to do. Do it. Surround yourself with people who love doing similar things too. These people will motivate you when the next step feels like 100 miles away. Case in point. Here I am at 12: 43 in the morning and I am eating a cold  sandwich. If you couldn’t tell that it’s a McChicken it probably because you’re used to seeing this:


Before I digress even further into the McDonalds industry, let me get back to the topic at hand.

I call this the breakfast of champions because it is now morning and this is the first meal I have eaten. Plus, I am in the presence of a champion. Ladies and gents, meet Kelsey Harris. This isn’t the first time we have pulled long-nighters in the berry (Library). Oh no, it is not. And let me assure you, this probably won’t be the last. It may look like we’re having a bag full of giggles at the moment but my eyes are laiden with sleep and mind has began the slow process of turning off. As sluggish as I become, I have the power to go forward because I am surrounded by people of the same mind and will as me. It makes me want to continue when I see others doing the same. It pushes me further. “Iron sharpens iron and the creatives push the creative.” It’s one of my new sayings now. Find someone or some people who do the same for you. You will not regret doing so.