Beyond My Border: Sylvia Onyeagusi

Hey bloggers!!! (LOL)

My name is Sylvia Onyeagusi. I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I moved to the U.S. in 2010 for college, started off in Louisiana, moved to Oregon where I had family for an average of 2yrs and now I’m back in Louisiana pursuing a career in nursing. When people as ask me why I decided to move to Louisiana I just say because I think this is where God wants me to be, which has to be true. To add to that, I’m in a really good nursing program and it’s been good.

Change is constant and we can’t avoid it. I would say that moving isn’t as bad as it may seem. Although it is stressful to settle in a new environment and get acquainted with new people it’s worth it once you get your feet wet. For anybody looking to move for whatever reason, I would advise you never to move out of impulse, don’t make a permanent decision (not so permanent, depends on how you look at it) based on a temporary situation. Did I already say plan ahead of time? Absolutely, you have to. Also, keep in touch with your old friends and family. Lastly, maintain your relationship with God, it gets tough when you are out there without family or people you can confide in. One of the ways I find I coped and still use to cope is getting into a really good bible-believing church, not like I didn’t have that before, but keeping up with it, just having a good relationship with God, we all need him. It’s your experience, it’s your journey, don’t forget to have fun.

P.s. to my Nigerians: go find where all the other Nigerians hang out, do it before summer rolls along. Hint: Jollof rice.