Dear Oregon,

        Oh how I miss you. I miss you quite a greater deal than I thought I would.  I’m realizing even more about what it means when they said absence makes the heart grow fonder. Whoever “they” are, I bet they too can sympathize with the way I long to be driving down the I-5 with Mat Kearney’s vocals filling up the air; how much I would love to see Milwaukie one more time as the sun sets; to look over that small cliff behind my old house that overlooks Beaverton ; to listen to the sound of the what-used-to-be annoying raindrops as they fall against the window. Not to mention the first joys of Spring, to feel its semi-warm sun rays on my skin. Oregon, there is no other place like you. No other place that flanks me with such gorgeous trees during a bike ride down University st in the small town of Eugene as you to get to class. Those trees always did seem larger than life. Some cities, states, and countries will try but fail in comparison. Yes, they do have a beauty that I have also come to love but like the similiar-looking food carts littered all over Portland, no two things are really the same.

        Yes, it’s definitely safe to say that there is a particular organ on the left side of my chest that has a special space for you. But even more than your everlasting beauty and wonder, I miss the people that live inside your gorgeous boundaries. They are my friends, they are my family. I wish you weren’t so far away because it would mean that they were closer. But, as life is people must live it and it must go on. So take care of them until I get back, yeah?

Stay beautiful. Love you.