He Created The Lions, and Tigers, and Bears


Happy Friday everyone! 

Yes, these pictures are about a week old but who’s counting? Last week my friends and I went to Toronga Zoo and had such a blast! I haven’t been to one in years  and quite frankly, that is a little too long for me. Taking stroller bag full of goodies and snacks (sadly those snacks were finished earlier than expected and didn’t even make it to the picnic we had planned after) we hopped on a ferry that took us to zoo and made a day of it. We saw so many animals. Way more than the pictures you see above. 

Out of all the animals there though the baby giraffe was my favorite. He was so adorable I just couldn’t get over it. Seeing him reminded me of just how creative and astounding God is. To think He created all animals - even the gross green frog - from nothing but His thoughts is just mind blowing. 

Anyway, whatever your plans are for this weekend, I hope they are fun, productive, relaxing, and above all blessed.