Ihe Neme (Things Are Happening)

  • You’re thinking of plans on how to entertain the kids.
  • Setting your alarm clock for an  earlier time to squeeze more things on your schedule.
  • Considering how your currently terrible situation can be used as a testimony.
  • Praying for others more than you pray for yourself.
  • Writing down a reminder to buy thank you cards for the volunteer workers.
  • Learning that the choosing your battles have become a part of your nature.
  • Seeing the cool in what you’re even 2-years-younger self would have found embarrassing.
  • Making a little extra dinner for your roommate out of want rather than obligation
  • Simply deciding not to get a manicure because you’re on dish duty the next day and you’re okay with it.
  • Calling your relatives because they would like to talk to you even though the feeling may not be fully mutual.
  • Finding joy in eating alone once in a while rather than fearing it.

Call it whatever you wish, maturity, growing up, life, what have you. All I know is that it is here and although I didn’t even know when it hit realizing how it has slowly altered my everyday actions has made me more appreciative of the life given me.