I’m not gonna tell you stop buying presents, or to take all attention away from your Christmas tree because that would be plain silly. I mean let’s not kid ourselves here, getting gifts is awesome and after a few hours of hard-core decorating you can’t be anything but proud of that gorgeous tree in your living room. 

However, what I want to remind you all is to not forget the true meaning. The first and most important reason why we all gather together in December: the birth of Jesus Christ. He is truly the reason for this season because on this day years ago God sent down His one and only son to be born and become the salvation of the world. So whether you have gifts to open and/or give, or even if you don’t have any at all you can still celebrate. This day is not only meant for those who can afford it, it is meant for all. 

Jesus’ birth in a manger was not just to signify the start of a glorious salvation but to show everyone that your no matter who you are or where you come from you can still be content and joyful. Being that Jesus was born technically homeless it could have been seen as a sad and unfortunate event but we must not choose to look at the negative. That night, a savior was born unto us. Unending peace and infinite joy began with a baby boy.

So, while you are at home, at a friend’s, with relatives, or even in between spots right now remember how much God loves you. Remember He came to Earth to live and die for us. 
Merry Christmas y’all, and happy holidays.