Is This Real Life?

I ordered my cap, gown, and tassel months ago but today was the first time I tried it on. Eleven days are all that stand between me and the other side and I have not yet come to realize that college will soon be over (Blame it on my terrible ability to deal with loss and closure).

On June 18th 2012 at 12pm I will be graduating from the University of Oregon’s Journalism and Communications Program with a concentration in Adverting at the age of 20. I think I spent the entirety of my college education trying to avoid discussing and explaining my age. However, thinking about the weeks that lie ahead, I have recently changed my mind about that choice.

I am a strong believer that God allows things to happen for a reason. It is with that that I say with all the pride, honor, and humility, I am twenty! (My brother and I had started primary school early, in addition that, we moved around a lot as children). Sometimes I find myself thinking how different life would have been had we not started early and contemplating the what ifs. What if I had never started when I did, would I still have met all these amazing people in college? All that time I failed to realize that hypothetical is called hypothetical for a reason - IT’S NOT REAL. I did end up meeting some pretty awesome kids during my four years here.

Forget Disney Land, THIS is where all the magic happens. JCOMM Commencement 2012