Leave a Message at the Beep...

Soooo my friend Adaora is in town! Yay for my first American visitor!


Sadly, that means, I won’t have all the time in the world to be posting. BUT that doesn’t mean I stopped loving you guys. I still have a guest blogger and a few other things lined up for y’all to read/do for when I return. Also, when I get back from this two-week adventure I’ll be sure to update you all on what we did!

Here are some fun things to do while I’m gone:
Read some old blog posts: Bea(you)tiful  // You Live that Life // Spoiler Alert!
Watch this video
Plan Next Year’s Holiday Getaway
Leave Me a Message
Find out what three of my favorite verses are Verse 1. Verse 2. Verse 3.
Find Waldo
Get Some Printable Christmas Coloring Pages
Listen to Christmas Music

Hope you guys are having a happy holiday season!