Let the slew of pinterest-inspired food posts begin! Ever since I moved I noticed that I have not been cooking as much as I used to, which you think would be a good thing. Since I haven’t been cooking, I’ve been snacking… a lot! My tummy thanks me but my waistline on isn’t too happy. Someone once told me, “5 seconds at the lips, forever at the hips” and it’s true. So here is my ode to cooking more and snacking less. I thought I’d share with you guys my recent cooking confection, an Australian Brekkie (That’s the word they use for breakfast) Enjoy!

Breakfast Casserole

2 medium-sized white onions
6 eggs
2 egg whites (the recipe called for 8 whole eggs but removing the yolk from a few will reduce your cholesterol intake. Plus it tastes the exact same!)
4 fairly large potatoes
3 tomatoes
1 bell pepper
1 1/2 tsps of red paper - my family loves it hot.
1 tsp of black pepper
1 tsp of white pepper

Start by grading your potatoes. The original recipe said to use frozen hash brown potatoes but that’s exactly what we didn’t have so we made our own. A regular cheese grader does the trick. Once those have been prepared use  large skillet to cook them. Because potatoes naturally have a little water in them it’s alright not to use oil while cooking. You can though if you want them a little bit crispier. Cook those on medium-high on until they get a dark brown (Light brown, and they are still uncooked). Then flip them so the other side can get tanned too. Don’t worry if they start sticking to one another. Cook them until they are ready as if you would eat them them then. Once they are popped into the oven with the casserole they won’t change.

Set the oven for 350 Fahrenheit  /170 Celsius

Once that is done, start to chop your tomatoes, peppers, and onions and cook them until they are soft and the onions brown.

Mix all of that with your eggs and egg whites. Now you can add your spices (Use your discretion with the spices for maximum enjoyment). Then add your cooked hash browns. It’s probably best to add that chunk by chunk so you can mix them well in between. Also, because potatoes can suck up the taste of the spices, you might want to add a pinch more of the spices you already included.

When that is completed, get your 9 X 13 inch pan and coat the bottom with cooking spray.  Now you can pour in the mixture. Use the back of a spatula to press it all down.

Bake for 30 - 40 minutes and voila!
Happy eating!