May Maelstrom: Brand Book Creator

22. I would say I stumbled onto this guy by happenstance but I truly believe everything happens for a reason. His name is Scott Spooner and his work… it’s beyond phenomenal. The work that he brings to the table in addition to the other creatives (and I don’t actually mean creatives as in the job title but actual CREATIVE people) he has collaborated with, it makes for some pretty dynamic stuff.

I want to do more things like this. Create books like this that are inspirational, provoking, and funny. I know that there are a lot of components and different positions that go into making books like this but is it possible to have a career that encompasses all of those elements. I wish to create copies, take photos, design layouts, pick and choose fonts - basically I want to do it all.  However, Matt Sanders’ line from yesterday really got me thinking. He said: “I know I’m good at everything but what am I really great at.”   So that begs the question, WHAT AM I GREAT AT?! I find it highly impossible for me to be in all the areas that come together to make Brand books so I need to stick to one. I don’t say impossible because of my lack of capabilities but because I know that in order for things to be great, one needs to share the glory. Other people need to be involved in it too.

With that said, what do I need to do to get to where this guy is?  Ironically enough, John Russel (more on him in a later post) came into talk today and told me exactly that.

- I need to build my resume (I feel disgusted that I have yet to update it ever since I made the switch from Marketing to Advertising)

-Connections Connections Connections - Luckily, I have not gone all 4 years without meeting some incredible people. Not just business owners and “important” people but anyone that can teach me something, which is basically everyone.

-Do projects - I’m currently doing 3 side projects but I need to invest more time into them to make them presentable. I feel like through that I maybe grow some skills in the area of multitasking.

-Be BOLD  - People tend to think I’m bold because I tend to be loud at times but I am tired of being that way. I want to be known for having a strong presence during times of silence too. I also want to grow more of a backbone.  I often get that confused for being rude so I tend to shy away from being bold altogether. Once I figure out a nice balance between the two maybe then I can be bold.

-Go to events - Where do people like copywriters, designer and creatives socialize for business?

- LinkedIn - self-explanatory

-Internship - No matter the time or place, some company is always looking for an worker. Go out there and find something. I just need to remember that it’s okay to start from the bottom. Russel started out as a mail man BEFORE email hit big, now look at him.

-Spurratic - You can go to a meeting prepared but outside of that time, what are you?  Once I have my resume ready and my portfolio is decent, I need to make business cards. Ones that I can pop out at a moment’s notice and hand to the person. I don’t want to be forgettable.

-Work my glutius maximus off. It will get tiring to do things over and over but you just gotta. You’ll thank yourself in the end.

So there you I have it. In order to get to this position, I need to take these steps and apply them to the field of copy writing.