New Year's (and life) resolution

My, what a year it has been. Who would have thought that 365 days ago I would be where I am today. As the new year comes in like a rolling tide I am reminded that instead of running away in fear to stand, take a gander at the breathtaking view and allow the shore to rise up and meet me. 

My professor in college told me that I must have been born too early because it seems like I’m always rushing things. Even though I actually was born two weeks early - hey, I’m a twin - that’s no grounds for me to rush the rest of my life. It wasn’t until recently that I began to look at the past year with my professor’s words echoing in my head did I finally realize my so-called New Year’s resolution: Just breathe (I say “so-called” because I’m not one to believe in New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions should occur more than once a year and last more than a mere 31 days). 

2013 was one of the craziest years of my life. I started off in Nigeria, then flew to America for a few weeks to pack before I moved here, Australia! Hands down, moving to Australia was the biggest transition of my adult life. The choice to do so was faced with a lot of anxiety and apprehension. Instead of allowing all that was happening to me to just happen, I found myself rushing through it all just to get it over with. I was afraid that if I stayed in the moment long enough it wouldn’t turn out the way I wanted it, or it would go the way I wanted but it would end too soon (As much as we all love Marilyn Monroe, can I just say that her “leave before you get left” quote is the worst piece of advice you can receive). Fortunately for me  I’ve learned that if things leave they come back just like the water on the shore and  even if they don’t so what? At least you were blessed enough to fully enjoy the moment.


It took me the greater half of the year to come to grips with the term, just breathe. But I finally did. With that said, I fell more in love with the people around me, more in love with my true self, and most of all, more in love with Jesus Christ. Without Him, the former two would have been an impossible feat. I cannot say that I regret the majority of last year because the past is the past, I cannot change it - no one can. This new year and every year after that I will do my best to just breathe and …

listen to Him.

have a deep convo or a meaningless one for that matter.

stop peeping at the clock and focus on the matter at hand.

enjoy the company I keep or the company that keeps me.

be interested.

sit in silence.


do whatever I want but just relish in the moment.