Happy Anniversary

Just wanted to take a special moment to say Happy Anniversary to the best set of parental units a girl and her siblings could ask for. You both have been monumental figures in my life. As mere human beings you have both - and individually - taught me to live a life worth telling; as a couple, you have shown me how to love oh so deeply and truly, without cease; and as man and woman in Christ, you have provided me with something that I can use for the rest of my life and in all areas of it.


Happy Anniversary Ma and Pop.

Nothing Is Okay

Free time can actually be quite debilitating… but only if you allow it to be. 

I just completed my bachelor’s degree. I have no job. My portfolio resembles a piece of fecal matter. Not to mention, I am currently squatting in the basement of my aunt and uncle’s house. To every adult out there this may seem like the worst but I am here to tell you that it is not.

“The future is so uncertain. We are struggling to make it out alive with careers built on love over money. Maybe that is why our parents think us to be lazy beings but it’s like, no mom and dad, we just refuse to work meaningless jobs that take up our time and dry out our passion.”

    -Excerpt taken from my first book, Twenty-Something To Life

When the realization of my current living condition gets to me I just think of that and remember that this (im)position that I am now in is temporary.


I have had a handful of adults as well as a few peers ask me what my plan is now that I am done with my undergrad. I can tell you that each and every time I reply with, “nothing really” I get the same reply: There’s the pause that’s then followed by a surprised look and undoubtedly a list of plans they think I need to follow. And might I add that none of those plans include  what I’m currently doing. I guess what I’m trying to uncover here is, WHAT IS WRONG WITH DOING NOTHING?

Nothing is necessary before the every next and we musn’t forget that. As much as I would like to say because I am twenty years of age I can now abide by the phrase “YOLO” , I cannot. These last few weeks have given me time to process and deliberate my next few steps. I want to be sure of what I am getting myself into before I sign a life commitment.

So, to all the parents out there who have kids sitting at home trust that all you have taught them over the last twenty-some-odd years have not gone to waste. You have raised us well and for that we will be forever grateful. Now is our time to figure out what paths and steps we need to take.  And to my age mates, remember that “nothing” is okay. Bask in it. Learn from it. Let it grow you.