Take Heart.

It takes a strong person to have a true heart of forgiveness and patience, even more so if you’re a mother. It might sound strange given the fact that we assume this is how they are meant to be because they are our mothers. Yes, God instilled it in them but it’s solely their choice to exhibit such traits.
I think the assumption we place on mothers along with other “burdens” makes it hard on them but at the same time it makes me more grateful for who they are and the choices they take on.

One person that has really shown me the true strength of a human being and a mother is my aunt (This is not to say my own mothers have not been strong but I just want to step away from the obvious and give credit where credit is due).
Being around her and growing under her guidance these last 7 months has been something else to say the least. She’s kind, patient, forgiving, understanding, basically everything that 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 says we ought to be. I initially made the mistake of seeing such a great display of affection as weakness - partly due to the fact that I had built up so many walls in my life. However as God would have it, my opinion was proved wrong.
Having these traits was no weakness at all but strength. It takes little to no strength to turn from someone who has done you wrong but it takes such a power to go back and continue to love and forgive- and I mean TRULY forgive.
I’m not talking about I’m gonna let it go but next time I won’t trust you type of forgiveness, no. Her type is the one that catches you red-handed in the midst of your fault and only opens her mouth to lovingly advise you not to do it. The type that although you let her down she still expects nothing but the best out of you next time. When you finish the food that she planned on eating and she still asks you if there is anything else you want without sarcasm.

If you still think that’s a weakness, try doing the same next time something similar happens to you - see how “easy” it is to do just that.

Anyway, I’m not here to judge or compare anyone to anyone but do think about it. This is the type of love God is calling us to exude. He’s calling us to be better than the circumstances presented to us and not to continue the cycle just because we feel like that “pay back” will make us feel better or teach someone a lesson - that job is not up to us. No matter what happens to us, big or small, our duty is to forgive and love as Christ still loved those who persecuted Him.

It’s hard but it’s a choice we must make every single day. However, let me warn you now, somedays will be harder than others. Somedays your heart can be open to even the most unknown stranger but there will indeed be times when your friend, child, spouse, daughter, nephew, boss, professor, employee, what have you does something to jump on your last nerve but you know what? You are called to love. And if during those days you feel like that is the last thing you want to do just run to Him and lean on Him for a strength and understanding that goes beyond what we thought possible.