I love L.A. but I’m mainly form Long Beach, California;
that’s one of the cities of L.A. county.
Matter o’ fact, the biggest city in L.A. county — border
wise. You got right here where I work, Venice Beach;
it’s never a boring moment here. Then you got
Santa Monica next door with the boardwalk and the
pier. Then you got Hollywood. I mean, it’s so much.
I was raised in Long Beach. I live in Anaheim right now.
I’ve been out there three years but I lived out here too.
Everything is out here. But I’m in an older mood so
that should probably put me in Georgia or
something like that. The prices are a little bit better
as far as retirement but it’s hard to move from here.
There’s so much to do! So many places you can go.
You got Universal Studios; you got Studio City;
you got Universal City; you have Carson; you have
Compton; you got Long Beach; you got Inglewood
and every city has something. And the diversity of
people. That’s the main reason: the culture. This
would be the place you wanna meet the different
cultures and most of us get along — I can’t speak for
everybody else but my experience.
Especially right here in Venice.