Born and raised.
I’ve been all over the world. I’ve been to Central America, South America. I’ve been to Asia, Europe,
all over and I would never live any place else.
Especially right here. I’m right by the beach —
I live in Venice — the weather is perfect. I mean as
perfect as you can get, right? I ride by bicycle up and down the bike path and we’re very laid back in L.A.
That’s one thing it’s always been: laid back.
Of all the places I’ve been this is the place that I chose —
and I’m fortunate that I’m able to live here.
You know what I mean? And like I said, I’ve travelled all
over and this is the place that I wanted to live and
here I am! So it’s kinda that simple. I mean there’s
times where I don’t even have to drive my car!
  If anything’s it’s very crowded, so it’s like a quarter as
many people as there was but they’re here for the
same reason probably so what are you gonna do?  






I love LA because I got here when I was small.
So this is where I grew up. I feel like there is nothing
like L.A., to be honest. I’ve been in other cities but I
don’t feel like I’m home. This is home.
And I got my job right here, so a lot places I cannot do
my work over there ‘cuz it’s not sunny like it is over here.
You’re free to do anything you want right here.






Why do I love L.A.? I’m sitting here in December and the sun is so hot that I am sitting, trying to keep cool. Number one: the weather. Number two and probably more importantly, I really love the diversity in Los Angeles and I love how people really are inclusive, generally speaking. No matter what your ethnicity is, your religion, or any of those kind of things, people seem to accept one another and it’s easy to mingle in multi-ethnic groups. I think the politics are really progressive, which appeals to me. I think that’s really important. When I travel the world and I see how the world is getting split and the United States is too but not in Los Angeles, not in California. We’re very strong in terms of our politics being progressive and inclusive and that’s why I really love L.A. Whatever interest you have you can find like-minded people. No matter what your interests are, you can find other folks. You don’t have to feel out of it. You can always find a group of people who share your interests and passions.






I just moved here four months ago so I feel like it’s a
very creative place for me — for everyone.
I like everyone’s vision, creativity and they explore
it in different ways. They are very expressive and
outward going. New York is different, similar but
L.A. is freedom. 






I’m from Japan. I’m in the entertainment business
so this is where the core of the entertainment is -
movies, all the celebrities, the artists, the singers.
I dance for celebrities, so that’s why I’m here.
And I love the weather! 






I love LA because of the diversity and the liveliness of it.
There is always something going on. Plus the weather is beautiful.
It’s just a great place to experience different cultures without having to go to a different country. 



Los Angeles.
There’s no other place like it; L.A. is its own city on a hill.  Whether you came here with the specific intentions or somehow you found yourself here through divine accord, one can’t deny that there’s a certain magnetism LA possesses and a certain sense of loyalty its people have. Set apart and set up to thrive amongst the glitter and survive through the grit. 

If you don’t love it, no sweat off its back, there are countless others who do. Here is why.