Beyond My Borders: Musu Ofosu


My name is Musu Ofosu I’m now 21. I am an African American, literally, who was born in London but grew up in Portland, Oregon. In September 2013 I left Oregon to get a fresh start in London by finishing university here and also pursue a modelling career. My hopes for the future would include living under my own roof for the first time and also not only graduating university with a first class degree but in one way or another starting my own business catered towards black youth and young adults. I want to start a company and a movement that empowers black people by redefining the standards of beauty for people of color in media, entertainment and society as a whole.

My advice to anyone moving to any new country especially England would be to do tons of research on everything. Research everything from your future means of transportation to what food you’ll eat. Coming from the US you’ll find that the culture here is completely different in every single way. For example, I haven’t had good sushi in 9 months and I’m going nuts now lol. Also, people here pride themselves on the way they dress, which may would seem pretty normal if it weren’t for the fact that I come from a place where people only get dressed up if they have to. Basically look into everything that could potentially impact your life so that when you do arrive you’ll be fully prepared. Lastly the most important advice I could give someone moving to London for the first time is join a gym as soon as you arrive, trust me you’ll thank me later.