Brunch on a whim.

Even though we see each other every Sunday we don’t get to hang out that much outside of church. Making no excuses this time, we all found our earliest common free hour and decided to do brunch. Danisha (bottom left) suggested we try Kiss the Barista and that was that. Funny enough, I have passed by this place multiple times because it’s only a ten minute walk from my house but I have never tried it out myself.

While we were there we ran into Nate (top left), who also goes to our church and lives down the street from me and Angelique (top right). I’m glad that we all found time to pencil each other in. I love being around these girlies. They are so kind, funny, and warm be near. And that does include Jessica (middle left) and Mai (bottom right) even though they were not mentioned earlier.

So, if you’re ever in the Sans Souci area go check out Kiss the Barista. Great service, great food, and the view is just amaze - it’s right on the beach.

Stick around for more pictures of our girl’s afternoon out.