Wedding: Mobolaji + Chakriya

Komolafe Wedding-32.JPG

There’s something about small ceremonies that yell, “It’s you and me baby against the world!” They no longer carry the rushed ceremonial vibe they once used to, they now have taken on a new feel of intentional intimacy.

However, beyond the unique nuances of tiny ceremonies, this union in particular was unlike any other. Sure, each wedding day has its own personal touches but I say that this one was unlike any other because it holds a special place in my heart - it was the union of my twin brother and sister-in-love.

The day’s start felt like any other but as the morning continued on the buzz of excitement grew and grew. It was Mo, the groom; Chakriya, the bride; and Vira, Chakriya’s brother and myself acting as “the best people”. We started out at home and called an Uber towards the city.

The ceremony itself came and went like a dream.

After, as we proceeded outside to take photos the rain that poured down gave us time to break and take in all that just happened: My twin brother was now married and I just gained a new sister. The moment was a beautiful one that was full of so much magic.


Bride’s Side
Jacket - Forever New
Pants: Zimmerman
Shoes: Novo
Earrings: Lovisa

Groom’s Side
Suit: H&M
Shoes: Aquila
Hair: Fadez