Here are my two cents:


I got mad love for you. Whether you voted Blue or Red, I love you. No conditions or clauses about it. Some of you reading this might believe me to be naive but I’m not. Of course people are going to have differences and seeing eye to eye will seem so near impossible but I just have to believe that whoever you are you voted with the best intentions for our country at heart. In each of our own mad little ways we want to see our home grow and thrive, so let’s go for it! Let’s do it! Let’s come together not as opposing sides who need to have their individual voices heard but as a people with the desire to better our lives, as well as the lives of others and the future of our kids’s too. It’s not gonna be easy, it’s not always gonna be comfortable (in fact 60% of the time it probably won’t be), and there won’t be one straight and narrow path to get there but rather a bumpy one with loops and curves that we can actually be proud of because it was forged by the perseverance of our hands. I believe that we can take our tiny common ground of hope and grow it into something tangible and real. It’s gonna take some laying down of pride, pushing of limits, and giving of self but I’m game if you are. 
And even if you’re not, I'm still in.