Is it wishful thinking to title this post My First Bi-weekly Update or would it be just plain lying? I promise you, I do try to do more than just post pictures but sometimes time escapes me and that is all I can do.

Anyway, coming to you from the west side here are the recent events in my life:

-I’m falling in love with this place even more and more. I can see myself coming back to visit at least for a few months every few years. I don’t know about settling down here just yet though.

- My twin brother came about a month after I did so he’s been here for a few weeks. Ironically he was my first roommate (in life and in the womb) and now he’s my last right (See post proceeding update).

-I leave for grad school in less than a month and I found a place that does not include me squatting and/or living out of a suitcase. (I have been doing that a lot these last few months #PostCollegeLife)  Thanks to my aunt and uncle, they have generously allowed me to stay in the pool house. Also, they’re giving me a job. I was trusting in God to hook me up with something and now I got that plus more. Life is good. God is great.

-Speaking of grad school. I know I just said it starts soon but WOAH it really starts soon! If you haven’t read my previous posts, I’m attending the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales for Photo Media. It’s a little nerve-racking but once I get settled in I know my excitement and curiosity will definitely trump all my anxiety.

-My dog, Tito is preggers. Yay for more German Sheps.

-The parents are all good. As independent as I have become throughout my years away from home, I truly enjoy being around them. Not that you needed to know but I felt like I just needed to include them somewhere in this post.

What else, what else, what else?

-Oh yes! My sister helps run an NGO (Nongovernmental Organization) called ACE (Assisting Caring & Empowering) over here in Nigeria. Through the things she has told and showed me, plus a some involvement on my part I can say that I am really proud of her. She is doing a wonderful thing that has and will continue to impact thousands of underprivileged Africans. This is not some skeptical org that offers you a chance to pay ¢10/day to some random child this organization is doing real things and making a change that YOU can actually see for yourself. Go check it out. Click on the ACE link here or above and just see what I’m talking about.