Leaving home for home.

As much as I love America, for all some reason I couldn’t call it home anymore. I felt like by calling it that I was somehow negating everything God had done for me in Australia. As if I was rejecting all Australia had now meant to me. However, on my last trip I realized America will always be home to me. No matter where I go it will always be that way. My love and longing for that bit of land will never take over or take away from my love for where I currently am - they are  all separate entities. Just like Australia, or Nigeria, I will love America dearly and immensely but separately.

So without further adieu, here are (some, definitely not all) pictures from my time spent back at home:



4 IMG_9564 IMG_9546 IMG_9511 IMG_9503 IMG_9453 IMG_1979

IMG_19642 IMG_1791 IMG_1780

7 IMG_1774 IMG_1707 IMG_1656 IMG_1635 IMG_1627 IMG_0163 IMG_0157 IMG_1794








All photos with the exception of bridal party were taken by either me, a few friends or family. Wedding photosd were taken by Mary Gowen (She's good y'all! Check out her work here).