Getting older has made me more aware of life and everything that happens within it. People come and go, you move and you grow, homes change and as all this happens our bodies continue to age. You can be the strongest person in the world, the most beautiful being on the planet, or the richest but none of that stays. 

My grandpa passed passed away a week ago and all I can remember about him was the ferocity of how kindly he treated everyone he encountered; how he cared more about how he acted towards others and respected himself than potentially looking foolish, naive or silly. Thinking about the legacy he left behind has encouraged me to continue on with my life in such a way that reflects what his life taught me: It's not so much what you put on but rather what you pour out. What are you pouring out that will be a benefit to others and yourself? Take time to invest in something that will stand tall well into your 90s and long after you're gone: love, happiness, peace, forgiveness, kindness, trust, and patience.