Mordecai and Hegai say what?!

You know that point a the book where it’s getting so good you imagine yourself to be the character? Yeah, that just happened to me.

Imagine this: So you’re going to the king of your land and your given this one chance to impress him and make him like you, right? You’re allowed to wear anything, say anything, and do anything to get his attention. You have nothing planned out and the best advice you got comes from two old guys. One of them is kinda like your dad, which if you ask me cool advice and dads don’t really coincide. The other is some guy you just met in the king’s palace - can I say stranger danger?

This is the part of the story where you can either freak out or apply the “stay calm and carry on” rule. Let’s say you go on with your first choice. Where will that get you? A one way ticket to nowhere with some complimentary stress pimples just in time for your meeting with this said king. Or you can do like the girl in the story and listen to the two old geezers because their plans might just be crazy enough to work.

If this story sounds a little familiar it’s because I’m reading the book of Esther. (Jesus, Imma interrupt you here and say, Esther is one of the best books of all time. Just sayin’) Look, you can see from the picture below - daily bible study. Plus, not to mention a perfect excuse for a huge cup of coffee and some blackberry jam with butter on toast! Yum!


Anyway, let me not digress anymore. Why I’m writing this post is to point out what we fail to realize: In the midst of life-changing moments (*cough cough* like meeting a king or any other grand things in your life) grand and great gestures are not always a necessary response. God has given you what you already need to go forth. In Esther 2:16 it says, “she won the favor of everyone who saw her”, meaning that before she even said or did anything she was highly favored. Don’t think you need to hype yourself up, change who you are, or check out the competition to one-up them. Bring yourself and nothing else. Be simple. You dah-ling are more than enough.
Plus, I like to think that being simple = no pimple.