One of these is not like the other.

It hasn’t been too long since I sat down with the intentions to play a video game. The last time that actually happened was  around 2002. My twin brother and I lived for those things. Crash Bandicoot; PGA Tour; Tony Hawk; Tekken; and among many others, EA Sport’s NBA. Although I thoroughly sucked at most of the sports, I can proudly say that it takes more than one hand to count the number of times I beat my brother. However, you know what I cannot count? The number of times I saw advertising on the screen.

Now, the game has changed (bad pun intended). My cousin who is only 7 years younger than I cannot turn on his NBA video game without seeing HP or Gatorade clearly displayed on the screen. I don’t really have a side when it comes to child advertising, just as long as it doesn’t cross any moral lines (photo shopped kids, inappropriate clothing, sexism, etc).

Funny how ten years changes things.