black girl magic

2017, What A Year.

In the moments that present themselves daily, in the routines that sometimes become hum-drum points in my day I always want to remain thankful. I am living the life I always wanted to live. I guess I have been so busy planning and going that I forgot to stop and take inventory of all that has actually happened. I forgot to rejoice and give thanks to God for it all. But now that I am doing just that I remain in awe.  Yes, I have a lot of work before me but all this is still everything I asked for.

Morgan Harper-Nichols reminded me to never take the year for granted. In her own words she reminded me that this time last year I would not know how I would get to this point in time but by grace I would definitely make it here. And look, here I am! These last 365 days have been doosies but I can't believe that I sit here now before this computer writing about the testimony that was 2017. 

  • I moved into an apartment with my twin brother. 

  • We bought our own Christmas tree.

  • I found my calling and have ventured towards it everyday since.

  • I left my job to pursue more of that said calling (Boy, I've always wondered what it would be like to say that and honestly mean it). 

  • I started my own business. 

  • I cut my hair. Not just a trim but like, "New hair, who dis?".

  • A few family members and friends made their way home.

  • Those losses still hurt but they taught me to love more. 

  • After months of blank walls I finally put up real art in my room (Hey Ms. Lauryn Hill. Thank you Just and Wesley). 

  • I tried online dating.

  • Learned to trust and lean on God more. 

  • Cooked dinner for my friends in my apartment. 

  • Turned 26! 

  • Drove without any fear for the first time since my accident.

While there a lot of things I have still yet to do I can't beleive all that I have done and how far God has brought me. And to think, I almost let all that joy and celebration slip away because for a good part of this year I let myself cower to the fear of not being good or worthy enough. I almost let a lie tell me that everything I did was insignificant. 

But yet, here I am! Oh my days, here I am! To say that I am so blessed would be putting it lightly. 2017, you have been the best year yet and still, the best is yet to come. It is for that I remain grateful for this here and now but expectant for all that is to come. 

Like I said on New Year's Eve 2016 and will say again for the upcoming 2018 year: I could not imagine having gotten through this year without the help of God and I can't imagine being able to look forward to this next one without the hope of Christ. 

So, from me to you, Happy New Year! And even when it get to August, September, October, etc, Happy Year to you still.