engagement session

Engagement Session: Mobolaji + Chakriya

It’s funny how when you’re busy making plans, life gets in the way and makes its own. That exactly what happened between these two. Both of them told me that they had no plans for relationships before they met but then in walked Chakriya to a Sunday night church service and Mobolaji was essentially smitten.

From there it their friendship caught fire and turned into something more. They were together more times than not and even though they still remained friends, a deeper love was added into the mix.

I thought it fitting to have their engagement shoot at one of the most iconic places in their relationship: Coogee Beach Cliffs. They have spent many hours walking hand in hand while talking and getting to know each other here. So why not take it back to where it basically began?


Engagement Session: Matt + Steff

Matt and Steff knew they wanted something that represented them so when I brought up the option of doing their engagement photos along the Wodi Wodi trail down in Stanwell it didn't take long for them to agree. I met up with them on an early afternoon and it was all downhill (and uphill too!) from there. Being in their element, I didn't have to say much but simply follow their lead and snap away. 

I think this is about as personal as it gets. Just two people out in the middle of the woods doing what they love doing: hiking and spending time with each other.

Congrats to you two on your engagement. I'm so stoked to also be doing your wedding in only a week's time!

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Engagement Session: Eric + Julia

No couple will ever be the same as the next or the one prior. That can definitely be said for this pairing right here. Meet Eric and Julia. It didn't take long after being in their company to know the love they have for each other is something fiercely unique. 

When they approached me and said they wanted to create something colourful and artistic for their engagement session, I was all too excited and honoured. Wanting to do their vision justice, we spent the early afternoon on a Friday in the Royal Botanic Gardens. The weather called for rain but thankfully the skies held up just in time for us to get the shots, admire the scenery and enjoy the fresh air. 

Engagement Session: Tom + Ruth


Tom and Ruth’s engagement session was nothing less than magic. A day of strolling within the quiet weekend streets of Surry Hills mixed with witty and cute banter, laughter-induced tears, eyes for only each other and a few soft touches on and off camera made for a set of enchantingly fun portraits.

Cheers to Tom and Ruth on your soon-to-be wedding nuptials. 

Engagement Session: Ben + Celsie

I've known Celsie for years so when she told me that she had recently got engaged I was all too excited when I was given the opportunity to shoot their engagement photos. Their love for each other was shown through their inside jokes, reassuring embraces, quick glances and a few reenactments of the Pulp Fiction dance scene between Uma & John.  Ben and Celsie are some of the kindest and sweetest people you will ever meet. I'm excited to see what the future has in store for the both of them.