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A Birth Story: Audrey Elizabeth George

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It’s been a year since your birth and my oh my, what a year it has been.
That’s 365 days full of joy, laughter, long nights, milky burps, and a whole lotta love. In celebration of your first year, here are moments from your first day. Happy Birthday lovely Audrey.

While I wouldn’t classify myself as an expert birth photographer I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone when my beautiful friend Joice, your mum said she wanted to document the birth of you, her first child. 

For the last three months of her pregnancy I had been anticipating the day you would be a part of this world. As the weeks dwindled down and the day got closer I was on high alert. My camera was ready and my phone was forever by my side just in case I got the call from either Joice or her husband, Joe, your dad. 

The morning of your due date, April 7th came. Nothing. 

The afternoon came and went, still nothing. 

The evening passed and not one phone call came through. 

About a day and a half later on Sunday, I got message from your dad saying your mum was in labour. Frantically I scurried around trying to make sense of what was going on only to have the father-to-be be the one to calm me down and say “Don’t worry. She’s only just begun. There’s no need to rush or stress since it’s our first.” 

Joe, an already calm guy was particularly calmer this day. I guess if you’re bringing in a new human being into this world no other emotion could be more perfect. 

Following his lead, I calmed down and took my time as a I travelled from church to the hospital to meet him and your mum.

When I finally arrived, just as Joe predicted there was no need for the rush. Because Joice was not yet dilated enough, the doctors encouraged her to go home and rest. 

Off we went. 

While home Joice took a warm shower to help her relax and I took a nap on their couch. Not really sure of how long I nodded off for, I was awakened to the sound of Joe telling me it was time.

While we arrived just before evening, you wouldn’t do the same until a little over twelve hours later. 

The night was an overflow of nurses flowing in and out to check the status of you and your mum’s vitals. Doctors came in to administer an epidural but secretly I think it was your dad’s constant presence by your mum’s side through it all that did the trick. 

Finally, daybreak came and so did the active labour. 

Having recently studied as much about pregnancy and the birthing process as possible, as well as even watching What To Expect When Expecting, I can say NOTHING will ever prepare you for the real thing. 

I genuinely want to take this moment out to commend your mum for being an absolute rockstar throughout the whole birth. Yes, it was a painful process but she handled it with such grace, poise, strength, patience and love - incomparable to anything I have ever seen before! She blew me away.

Both your parents had planned for a non-operational birth but there was a moment during labour when it almost didn’t go to plan. While your mum was fully dilated and you were ready in position, the doctors  were not able to get you through.The experience was scary but like I said, your mum handled it all with grace, patience and an unresolved strength incomparable to anything else. 

After what seemed like the longest moment ever, at 9:59am, you, Audrey Elizabeth George entered this world all of ours have been forever changed since. 


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