You wanna lose weight? Stop eating, fatty! You wanna make money? Work your ass off, lazy! You wanna be happy? Find someone you like and never let them go.*

I love people who are straight to the point. Don’t beat around the bush and don’t take the short cuts. Just say what you mean, mean what you say, and be who you are. I guess all that sums up why I LOVE GQ. I read it more than Vogue (gasp!) GQ is a such a straight-to-the-point magazine¬† that tells it like it is and how it should be.

This magazine gives me a new sense of hope in men. For so long I thought they were just mindless creatures that had a hard time putting concepts together, but oh the contrary. Not all men are mindless and have trouble with connections. As for those who do, they have no shame in admitting it, hence GQ. A magazine put together by men -and women- who are smart and intuitive for those who need a little help in the swag** department.

*Quote taken from 2011 movie, Friends With Benefits

**RARELY do I ever use the word “swag”, but for GQ I will have to make an exception