Just got out of a one-on-one that I had with my professor and I realized that I have so far to go. All this running around I have been doing, all these miles that I have ran, it has not gotten me as far as I hoped it would. It’s like I have been jogging for so long, thinking I am getting somewhere when in actual fact I have been running on a treadmill for the last four years of my life. 

I am not going to say that with this realization came flowers and daisies because that would be a lie. Salt has been poured into my wounds, my body and mind aches from the stretching,  I got slapped in the face, and my dreams have somewhat been shattered. All in all,  It feels pretty great!  The sting of the salt has left a slightly addicting tingling sensation that keeps me coming back for more. Although my mental bones feel fragile and they ache from all that pulling and stretching, my mind now shows its gratitude with a new level of flexibility. The slap reminds me to feel pain so I know what it is to fall and how great it is to be on top.  As for my dreams, I say good riddance. Looking back I realize they were not dreams but lowly hung safety nets that never got me anywhere but a few inches off the ground. With them gone, I have higher standards to look forward to.Now I can look forward to etching out the bottom stem of my “T”, aka, finding my niche.

Step 0. Stop using “I am trying to find myself” as a crutch. In the back of my mind, you know who you are so let it out already. Times a wastin’.

Step 1. What am I good at?

Step 2. What do I love to do?

Step 3. Find people who work in the areas of my skills and my interests (They don’t have to work in both, either one will do).

Step 4. Find out every and all things about those jobs

Step 5. How do I get there? Internships, networking, moving, school, etc.

Step 6. Once I have found out step 5, follow them.