A Healthy Dose of Life.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone else ever thinks the way I do. If they are ever in the middle of a moment and then think, “This is life. This is life? Woah. This is life!” And even though it’s no moment in particular, the fact that it’s happening reminds you that you are alive and living. It’s then that you start processing everything: what have you been doing? What are you doing? What will you do?! Are you happy? Have you made others the same? 

Those thoughts have been crossing my mind lately and whether it’s because I’m finishing grad school in 5 days or  maybe because it’s just that as we get older we tend to become more aware of our social and emotional surroundings. Who knows, it could even be a culmination of both those factors. 
One thing I am quite sure of is that no matter how somewhat “confused” those moments make me, they have definitely made me oh-so grateful. Not just because something momentous has happened in my life but because something happened period! They serve as reminders that God has always been faithful. He has never quit on me even when I did on myself. They are my healthy doses of reality and never let me forget how extraordinary life can -and will- be!