Still The Same (kinda)

While this blog is now called Anchors ‘n’ Oceans nothing has really changed - well except for the layout and a new comment box below! Although the name is no longer 20 And Some Change (20asc) I’ll still be posting some of the same content. In the time to come there will be a few new additions like more every-day stuff, guest bloggers, advice, and a little more creative content.

As for the name change, the reason for that was because I was looking for something a bit more… refreshing. I started blogging when I was 20 and a few months old, hence the name 20asc. Now that I am a bit older I decided it was the perfect time to go with the “out with the old and in with the new” motto. The name Anchors ‘n’ Oceans comes from my love for all things nautical and even more so my love for God. In my life I’ve moved around quite a bit but it was through all of that I realized He is my one and true constant - He is my anchor. When places change, people come and go, time rolls on, He holds me down with out ever holding me back. I guess you can say this then is an ode to Him.

So, without further adieu, welcome again. Stick around, check it out, subscribe down below (blue button underneath the archives) or press the follow button up above.

Happy readings,