“Thanksgiving is more than eating, Chuck.” - A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

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It’s a week from the thanksgiving that I didn’t get to celebrate but I’m still grateful.

Even though I was not able to celebrate Thanksgiving the way I normally do, I’m glad I was given a chance to celebrate it in a new way. There was no turkey on the table, no game on the tv and certainly no excitement to participate in the craziness that was Black Friday - sadly, Australia doesn’t recognize these awesome customs. However, in the absence of those things it dawned on me that I can still give thanks for the life I have and all the trappings that come along with it.

I could give thanks that Thursday was just like any other day, which is seriously nothing to complain about. I work at a job I truly appreciate; I’m able spend time with family that I absolutely adore and friends who are basically family; and I didn’t get a turkey but I still get to chow down on good ol’ regular food. Finally I can give thanks for and to a God who has graciously provided all of this for me.

So that’s what I did. I gave thanks and in doing so it made me even more joyful. The Thanksgiving holiday only comes once a year but the heart of it should be something we put into practice everyday, with or without he food. In doing that we become more grateful for all the big and little things as well as all the things in between.

-Give thanks we will for life is sweet for sure!