18. Part of the Privileged People

Being a photographer for the Lundquist College of Business Undergrad CEO Network has made me one the most privileged people here at the University of Oregon.

In my years here at the U of O I have come to realize that some of the most important people -in my eyes - that I have met are the ones who I at first thought were the least important. Keep in mind that I am in the Advertising program but I work for the Business program. Even though they each lie on two different levels, I can say that I have learned just as much from the Business side as I have from the Ad side. With all the events that I have worked at I find myself making connections with financial advisers/planners, accountants, auditors, financial analysts, etc on such a deeper level than expected. Being differently oriented in our careers forces me to make mental venn digrams and find out what we all have in common. As for the things we do not, I can still learn from them. Just because they are different does not mean I should end all contact right after our first conversation.

Today, I shot for the Portland Leadership Experience where the students of the CEO Network participated in a site visits to many companies. We traveled to PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Rubicon International, and amongst a few others the, Multnomah Athletic Club.

While taking pictures, I found myself bumping elbows with some of the most interesting people. However, it was one man that really stuck out to me the most. His name is Lou Radja.  Maybe it was the fact that he is an international speaker or maybe he has the power to see into people’s minds and is able to tell them what they really need to hear based on that, who knows?  He said:

 Remember your “why” - Why are you doing what you are currently doing in life? After you have gotten and understood that, do not forget it. That WHY will be there to comfort you when nothing else does, when the bills are becoming too much, or when you simply want to call in sick that day.

Commit to the work before the work. Do not just say I will prepare when I get there, NO! Prepare now. He compared it to that of the Olympics, Hundreds of athletes arrive at the location at least a month beforehand but that is not the first time they are practicing. Yes, you might get away with reviewing minutes before a test but try that at work and see how long they keep ya around.

Going off of that point, the real world does not start after college. THIS is real life. You are making the choices that will indeed impact tomorrow. The choices you make now are the same you will make later. It’s not as though your mind will all of a sudden morph into professional and responsible mode once you toss your cap and tassel into the air.

Doing the required makes you replaceable. Anyone else can do what is expected, what can you do that is different, that is more?

Chase passion before pension - Money tends to hide from those who search for it. Have fun, love your work and money will come soon enough.

Patients go to the doctor, the doctor does not go to the patient. In this world, if you want something you gotta go declare it and grab it. No one is going to take time out of their day to try and read your mind on what you want and then give it to you. See a job, go ask for it. They’re not hiring, say you’ll volunteer. They have a full staff, tell them you’ll just watch.

When you take the elevator to the top always remember to send it back down for someone else. Never ever keep the elevator to yourself because 1. You don’t need it once you’re up there  2. 100% without a doubt, if every person before you did that, you would still be in the basement.


Not many people can do what they love and learn about life at the same time. Even those who are blessed with that do not give way to the possibility of opening your eyes to the new. I love my job and I am definitely sad to leave in a few weeks but excited for all the open doors it has given me the chance to walk through.